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Project: Electrical steels (material models, microstructural research and energy losses).

project duration
01-JUL-99 – 31-OCT-05
The research is related to the magnetic behaviour of electric steels, both oriented and non-oriented, under both alternating and rotating excitation fields. Past research resulted already in improved macroscopic modelling and characterisation methods for non-oriented steels under arbitrary alternating excitation. These models and characterisation methods, based ons (and an extension of) the Preisach model has been shown to yield more accurate calculation models for electric application (machines) using these electric steels. The present research project aims to extend this research to non-oriented steels and to rotating excitation fields. At the same time a deeper insight in the microstructural factors (like magnetic domain structure, interaction with particles and the characterisation of these particles, influence of thermal and mechanical processes).