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Project: Analysis of pesticide residueas in major food items and consumer risk assessment in Ethiopia

01/10/12 – 30/09/16

Consumer exposure to pesticides may cause a health risk for the people living in Ethipia. pesticide residues analysed on selected food items may exceed internationally safety leveld. Sepcific objectives -To initiate the determination of type and resudues levels of pesticides in teff, maize, coffee and cow milk - to investigate fot the first time the effect of local food processing on the elimination or reduction of pesticide residues in food items - to identify major source of pesticide contamination in the food otems - to identify the total diet (daily intake) of ethiopian people - to undertake the latest methods of consumer risk assessment (deterministic and probabilistic) by taken the amout of daily intake if the diffrent pesticides from the commong food items into account - to set up baseline data for decesion makers for pesticedes uasage and strengthen pesticedes regulation in Ethiopia.