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Project: Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in Ankober district: diversity, traditional use and conservation practice, North Shewa, Ethiopia

project duration
01-FEB-10 – 30-APR-13
An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants will be conducted in Ankober district, Ethiopia, to document the diversity, distribution, indigenous medicinal plant utilization and management of the plants. Semi-structured interview, field observations, preference and direct matrix ranking exercises will be implemented to generate ethnobotanical data from the people residing around the Dense, Fikre Ghimb, and Wofwasha Natural Forests. Phytochemical screening of the most preferred medicinal plants will also be conducted in a laboratory. Documenting the eroding plants and associated indigenous knowledge can be used as a basis for developing management plans for conservation and substainable use of medicinal plants and the natural forests in the area.