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Project: Functional changes in the stimulated visual cortex of migraine patients, a combined fMRI and fMRS study

project duration
01-JAN-07 – 31-OCT-11
The heypotehseis of this porject is that in migraine without aura, disturbances in the neurovascular and neurometabolic coupling are at the abasis of changes in the concentrations of intermediary metabolites which in turn give rise to a disturbance in the neuronal, glial and/or vascular functions. The objective of htis study is to detect and inventories the relevant vascular and metabolic parameters from interleaved fMRI and 1H and 31P fMRS measurements, to bring these togheter and to model and interpret these parameters in the framework of the neurovascular unit. Furthermore, we want to investigate if these data can be used in the further stratification of migraine, and in therapeutic monitoring or decision making.