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Project: E-maturity: Evaluation of a model for ICT-implementation in Ecuadorian primary schools

project duration
01-OCT-08 – 31-JAN-13
The PhD-research project focuses on the following research problem: Evaluation of a model describing and explaining external and internal factors for educational ICT-implementation in Ecuadorian primary schools. The theoretical base builds on recent models referred to as e-maturity models. The integrated use of ICT by teachers and pupils is the dependent variable in this research a variety of independent and mediating processes and variables at different levels are studied at (1) pupil level (computer, attitudes, gender, ICT-experience, …) (2) teacher level (conceptions, beliefs, philosophies, self-image, …) (3) school level (ICT-policies, school support, leadership, …). The following central research questions are studied: (1) What are they variables and processes that are to be distinguished at the level of the pupil, teacher and school in a multilevel model. The project builds on an ongoing innovation project in the El Oro province leading to additional research questions such as "Has the El Oro project an impact on the e-maturity level attained in Ecuadorian primary schools?"