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Project: Role of superantigens in arachidonic acid metabolism and eosinophilic inflammation in airway disease

project duration
01-FEB-04 – 31-JAN-07
In this project we will evaluate the role of superantignes from S. aureus in the regulation of molecualar pathways related to eosinophilic inflammation in airway diseases. Peripheral blood leucocytes, tissue fibroblasts and nasal polyp explants from patients with nasal polyposis and chronic sinusitis, with and without aspirin sensitivity will be cultured and stimulated with S.aureus enterotoxins in different conditions. Furthermore, cells and supernatants will be assayed by Q-PCR, ELISA, Flow Cytometry and confocal microscopy to study the changes in arachidonic acid biosynthetic pathway and alterations in eosinophilic inflammatory markers.