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Project: Vacuum structure and condensates in Quantum Chromodynamics.

project duration
01-OCT-01 – 30-SEP-03
The vacuum of quantum Chromodynamics can be characterized by some condensates, which are expectation values of gauge invariant, local composite operators. Those conain non-perturbative information. The formation of such condensates is favoured because they lower the vacuum energy. Besides the already longer known mass dimension 4 condensate (F2µv), there was recent evidence for a condensate of mass dimension 2. The corresponding operator is given by (A2µ) in the Landau-gauge. The short distance contribution to (A2µ) was already obtained by Verschelde e.a. Our aim is to explore this issue further, the long distance contribution of instantons will be explored for instance. We will also employ the Maximally Abelian Gauge, which is very suitable to probe the magnetic monopole characteristics of the QCD-vacuum.