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Project: Jeder tief Geist braucht eine Maske: Napoleon, Kaspar Hauser and the family romance in the works and the delusion of Friedrich Nietzche. A psychohistorical investigation

project duration
01-JAN-03 – 10-JAN-07
Nietzsche's delusion is not an accumulation of separate images springing from the deviant creativity of a sick philosopher. On the contrary, his delusion is a coherent whole of motifs and thematic complexes that emerge in many of his writings (philosophical and literary works, letters and notes). In that sense, there is no real gap between the 'still sane' and the 'insane' Nietzsche. The investigation of that imaginative continuity must enable us to integrate the different themes of his delusion and to demonstrate the latent coherence of all elements of his psychobiography that was mainly based on the reception of historical phenomena and persons.