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Project: Absorption and biotransformation mechanisms of B-lactam antibiotics in farm animals and their influence on the presence of residues in edible tissues

01-JAN-03 – 31-OCT-07

In experiments with amoxicilline in pigs it has been shown that an important accumulation of the metabolites in the edible tissues occurred. However, it is assumed that biotransformation of B-lactam antibiotics in mammals is very limited. The presence of these metabolites in food can be a potential risk for the consumer. In order to clarify this problem, specific, sensitive and validated analytical methods should be developed for the B-lactam antibiotics. In a second part of the research project, the presence of metabolites of B-lactams in the pig will be investigated and their residual time will be determined. Also differences in biotransformation-pattern and absorption of several B-lactam antibiotics will be studied. This will lead to a better risk-assessment for these drugs.