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Project: Evaluation of the in vitro chromosomal radiosensitivity in a population of young breast cancer patients and analysis of the underlying mechanisms in relation to breast cancer predisposition

project duration
01-JAN-03 – 10-JAN-05
The overall theme of the proposed project is to examine the relationship between chromosomal radiosensitivity, underlying genetic mechanisms which influence the individual radiation response and breast cancer predisposition in a population of young breast cancer patients. The G2 and micronucleus assay will be used as cytogenetic methods to identify radiosensitive cases. On the material (blood samples and tumour tissue) of the selected group of radiosensitive and normal responding patients underlying genetic mechanisms of chromosomal radiosensisitvity will be studied. For this aim the expression and presence of microsatellite polymophisms in DNA repair genes will be analysed. The tumor material will be used for LOH (loss of heterozygosity) and microarray CGH (comparative genomic hybridization) analysis.