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Sofie Bekaert is Manager Translational Program at the VIB, where she coordinates the Grand Challenges Program and part-time senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences from Ghent University.. Prof. Sofie Bekaert was trained as a doctor in Applied Biological Engineering. After 10 y of research, setting up a research platform on biological aging, next generation sequencing and biomarkers, she became valorization and innovation manager at Ghent University. In 2010 she initiated the Clinical Research Center at Ghent University Hospital where she had the responsibility over a dedicated team in the daily management of the central point of contact for facilitation of different aspects of translational biomedical research (ethico-legal aspects, datamanagement and monitoring of clinical trials, research and innovation management within the hospital, biobanking, big data). Prof. Bekaert is liaising to strategic translational initiatives concerning biobanking and clinical research and innovation, both at the regional and (inter)national level. She is past-president of the Board of directors of the, the Belgian node within the European biobank infrastructure network, is Councilor within the European Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking and she is involved in multiple societal valorization projects concerning stakeholder involvement and participation in research (e.g. Eupati, King Baudouin Foundation – multistakeholder dialogue for prioritization of research).
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