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Gabriel Urbain

ORCID logo 0000-0003-0449-5146
Bio (via ORCID)
I'm a PhD student funded by the European FET Flagship Programme Human Brain Project (HBP) in the Neurorobotics sub-project (see I'm currently working on translating embodied robotic neural controllers that use reservoir computing techniques (see into the neurorobotic simulation platform (NRP) developed within the HBP project (see I have a background in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics and Space Systems as well as skills in image processing, sound processing, big data and NoSQL, Linux, embedded Linux (on RPY, BeagleBone, Odroid and Gumstix) and Atmel microprocessor programming. I'm also administrator of iRobotique (, a non-profit association dedicated to education in robotics and electronics and organizer of Museomix Belgium ( I like music, cultural events, partying, hiking, diving, ...
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