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Sint-Pietersplein 6
9000 Gent
ORCID logo 0000-0001-6842-1651
Bio (via ORCID)
I'm a PhD student at Université Catholique de Louvain (IRES/LIDAM) and Gent University (Department of Economics). At the moment, I work with Bart Cockx (UGent), Muriel Dejemeppe (UCLouvain) and Giulia Tarullo (UGent/UCLouvain) on the Impact of Short-time work, a labor hoarding policy, in Belgium on individual and firm outcomes. I also work with Sam Desiere (UGent) on two projects. The first provides a descriptive overview with ten stylize facts about shiftwork in Europe using the European Labor Force Survey. Shiftwork is a practice that, though it has been studied from a sociological and health standpoint, has been underexplored from an economic perspective. The second project is an analysis of the impact of youth subsidies for middle-skilled jobseekers on employability and career path outcomes in Belgium. On a side note, I provide TA support for the course Causal Inference in Microeconometrics with Application to Program Evaluation taught by Bart Cockx and William Parienté (UCLouvain).