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Carl De Crée

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Bio (via ORCID)
Professor Carl De Crée is known for his work in reproductive endocrinology, exercise physiology and sports medicine. He holds professional certifications in Electrocardiography, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Medical Sexology, and he is an accredited Team Physician. His additional education in Asian Linguistics and History reflects his lifelong commitment to the liberal arts, and he is also certified as an airline pilot and fluent in 7 languages including Japanese and Chinese. He has lectured and conducted research at several institutions worldwide across Asia, Europe, and The Americas, and to contribute to the education of young people wanting to expand their horizons. His objective has been to assist them in capturing opportunities to learn, to overcome failure, to serve, and to lead. In this way he has been committed to help people unlock their potential and build out their skills to create their own bright futures. This goal he has been pursuing as an educator, scientist, health provider, coach, and pilot. Professor De Crée’s major research focus has been on exercise-related menstrual cycle problems in female athletes. Currently, Professor De Crée and colleagues are seeking to understand the changes that take place in estrogen metabolism, in particularly C2- and C4-substituted estrogens, in response to exercise in the female. To do so, he uses techniques such as immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridization, mostly in a multi-center research setting. This work has implications for our understanding of menstrual problems, and the prevention of osteoporosis and breast cancer. He is also renown for his scholarly work on the role of homocysteine in cardiovascular metabolism, and his pedagogical, philosophical, historical, and technical scholarly work and expertise in Japanese martial arts. His work has been published in journals such as The Lancet, Sterility & Fertility, the Journal of Applied Physiology, the Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism, and Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Professor De Crée is also a scholar and historian in Japanese martial arts and culture, and a former international jūdō and track & field athlete (100- & 200-meter sprint). He holds the high rank of black-belt 8th dan, and remains active as an EJU-Level 6 Elite coach, an A-Certified International Judo Coach and International Referee.
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