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Climate change and population growth are great threats to society that join together in their impacts on hydrology: climate change affecting water availability, population growth increasing demand. This conjuncture has led to the rise of a new hydrological discipline, lying at the interface between conventional hydrology, plant ecology and climate science. This discipline, often referred to as climate hydrology, conceives hydrological systems as part of the Earth's global system, being impacted by anthropogenic climate and land-use change, as well as influencing a number of hydrometeorological extremes and land-atmospheric feedbacks. Current research within this new field aims at improving our understanding of the interactions between the hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere, with the overarching objective of enhancing our capacity to predict and adapt to ongoing Earth’s system changes. My scientific interests strive to that direction. They extend from the specific use of satellites to analyse soil-vegetation-atmosphere interactions to the general understanding of the global dynamics of the water cycle.
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