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prof. Dennis Ioffe

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Bio (via ORCID)
Dr Dennis Ioffe (PhD University of Amsterdam) is an Affiliated post-doctoral Research Fellow (formerly Assistant Professor/‘Doctor-Assistent’) at the Department of Languages and Cultures (Slavic & East-European), The Faculty of Arts, Ghent University. He serves also as a Research Fellow at the Department of Slavic Languages & Cultures, University of Amsterdam. Since January 2016 Dr Ioffe is Co-Editor-in-Chief, Russian Literature, Elsevier Science BV. Aside of UGent, Dennis Ioffe has held lecturing and research appointments at the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Memorial University (Canada), University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). He has authored more than 80 scholarly articles and edited/co-edited a number of academic collections. His publications have appeared in “Studies in Slavic Cultures,” “Neohelicon,” “The Journal of European Studies,” “Russian Literature,” “New Literary Review,” “Slavic & East European Journal,” “Acta Semiotica Fennica,” “Kritika i Semiotika,” “New Zealand Slavonic Journal,” “Cultura. International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology,” “SEER,” “Philologica,” “Tijdschrift voor Slavische Literatuur,” “Slavica Occitania,” and others.