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Ana Sílvia Ferreira Diamantino Coelho e Silva

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Bio (via ORCID)
Started the Integrated Master's in Biomedical Engineering in the University of Coimbra (Department of Physics) in 2007. In 2011 took part in the ERASMUS programme, studying one semester in the Czech Technical University in Prague. In 2012/13 worked on a project in order to write an MSc thesis and finish the Integrated Master's degree; this work took place in the Department of Mathematics and at AIBILI, and was part of an FCT project (FCT/PTDC/SAU-ENB/119132/2010). It yielded two published works, besides the thesis itself. The classification attained with this work was 18 (out of a possible 20). In September 2013 started working with a research grant at IBILI (Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra), in another project (FCT/PTDC/BBB-BMD/2739/2012). In November 2014 started a Ph. D. in the CompOmics (Computational Omics and Systems Biology) group, part of the VIB Medical Biotechnology Center in Ghent University, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Lennart Martens (Ghent University).