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Bio (via ORCID)
Cornelis Stal (°1985, Waalre, the Netherlands) is lecturer at the Ghent University College (Department of Real Estate and Land Surveying) and post-doctoral researcher at the Ghent University (Department of Geography) with a reasonable experience in the field of the combination, processing and quality analysis of airborne and terrestrial laser scanning for 3D city modelling. His special interest is in the (automatic) generation of geometric, radiometric and semantic rich 3D models, derived from irregular point sets and other spatial data sets. This means that both laser scanning as a discipline in the land survey and geo-IT (GI-systems, GI-programming, GI-management, …) are important pillars of his research. Recent research opportunities have allowed him to add an additional focus on geomatics applications for bathymetric modelling. He is currently working on the analysis and processing of GNSS data acquired from tidal buoys. As employee at the Department of Geography (Ghent University), he has played a significant role in the maritime IWT SBO project called SEARCH (Archaeological Heritage at the North Sea) and the development of processing algorithms for tunnel measurements using laser scanning. He is currently also giving support for various bachelor papers, master manuscripts and doctoral research. Subjects like absolute positioning, integrated 3D modelling and GIS, mobile acquisition platforms, … are important aspects in the involved research topics. In that capacity, he was able to accompany different international measurement campaigns, like in France, Greece and Mexico.
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