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Berenice Verhelst

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Berenice Verhelst (MA 2009, Phd 2014) is a postdoctoral research fellow of the FWO (Research Foundation Flanders) at the University of Ghent, Literary Studies Department. She studied Classics and Dutch at the university of Ghent. Her current project Reinventing epic poetry. Creativity and tradition in late antique epyllia reflects her research interest in Late antique poetry (Greek and Latin, long and short(er), christian and pagan) and the broader epic tradition. Her approach draws on narratological theory and genre studies. In 2019, she will start working on her newest project: "A battle between arts. Narrativity, literarity and the paradox of representation in late antique literary responses to figurative art." Before this (2014-2015) she worked at the University of Ghent as a teaching assistant (both for Greek Linguistics and for Greek Literature), and as a predoctoral fellow of the FWO (2010-2014, dissertation: Ποικιλομύθῳ φωνῇ. A literary and rhetorical analysis of direct speech in Nonnus' Dionysiaca). Her Phd research focussed on the Dionysiaca of the Greek poet Nonnus of Panopolis and in particular his use of direct speech, influenced by contemporary rhetorical practices. This too is still an important line in her research. Her book Direct Speech in Nonnus' Dionysiaca. Narrative and Rhetorical Functions of The Characters' "Varied" and "Many-faceted" Words) appeared with Brill's (Late Ancient Literature Series, Supplement to Mnemosyne) in November 2016 ( + digital appendix: (database of direct speech in Greek epic poetry)). In 2018 she organized the IVth international Nonnus in Context conference (