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What is Open Access?

An Open Access publication is immediately available online, without costs, to read, download, copy, print, disseminate or search. The quality of the scientific results remains guaranteed.

You can open your work in Open Access in two ways:

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Why make your work available in Open Access?


UGent supports Open Access initiatives

Ghent University has been engaged in open access initiatives for years. Open access (and broader, open science) is key for the dissemination of scholarly information.

OA infrastructure

Ghent University not only offers better visibility to her publications through the academic bibliography Biblio, but is also a keen financial supporter of ArXiv, the open access preprint server for Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics.

What’s more, Ghent University is a partner in OpenAIRE. This service links hundreds of European open access repositories, enriches the content, linking it up with project information, data and more. This way OpenAIRE can offer a one-stop portal for European research.

OA publishing

Several open access publishing initiatives are supported:

OA organisations

Collaboration is important to stimulate open access / open science in policy development as well as in practical and technical issues. That’s why Ghent University is a member of these organisations:


Trustworthiness Open Access Journals (predatory journals)

Peer reviewed Open Access Journals are as reliable as classical, toll access journals. There are, however, so many scholarly journals by now that caution for quality is advised. The gold road model unfortunately enhances the risk of corruption and misuse amongst some online publishers. Various publishers and journals have been identified as corrupt and only out there to make money off the author processing charges, while they do not have any ambition to subject the scientific work to solid peer review, to safeguard the scientific integrity of the papers, or to distribute this work via appropriate channels.

A reliable list of Open Access Journals is the Directory of Open Access Journals, DOAJ. In addition, every year Scholarly Open Access draws up a list of questionable open-access scientific publishers and journals. Ghent University recommends that researchers, scientists, and academics avoid doing business with these publishers and journals. Scholars should avoid sending article submissions to them, serving on their editorial boards, reviewing papers for them, or advertising in them. Also, tenure and promotion committees should give extra scrutiny to articles published in these journals, for many of them include instances of research misconduct. There are still many high-quality journals available for scholars to publish in, including many that do not charge author processing fees. 175 of these Open Access Journals even have impact scores in the first quartile of their ISI-field. The list can be consulted on the Ghent University intranet.


Immediate deposit/optional open access mandate

At Ghent University an immediate deposit / optional Open Access (ID/OA) mandate is adopted as of publication year 2010. As of January 2010 only publications with full text are accepted in the academic bibliography. UGent also requests, if possible, to put these text online in open access.

Which publications?

Publications with classification

Which version?

Some advantages of the mandate